Everyday I walk from my Core Seminar class to my Spanish class, which is about a 45-minute walk. Hopefully this is helping me burn off all of the beans and rice I’ve been eating! They weren’t kidding when they said Costa Ricans love beans and rice. Literally, EVERY DAY. I do love the food here though. Gallo Pinto, platanos maduros, empenadas, natilla, mangos verdes, etc. The list goes on. It most definitely was not hard for me to get used to the food here.

But days continue to be extremely long. Fortunately, I have plans this weekend, which is getting me through this week. Four other students and I are going to a beach three hours away called Manuel Antonio. This weekend should be a good one. Hopefully I can get some color and look less like a sun burnt gringa and more like a Tica J Well, the bed is calling my name. Buenas noches.

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