What is LOVE?


When I look at my family here, I see Christ. I see His indomitable love through them. This family of mine is so giving and loving. Even though they are not necessarily super affectionate and vocal about their love like the Ticos are, they reveal their love in so many different ways. IT started on the very first night when they created an entire room for me. They said it was so that I could have my privacy and such. I had not even expected that but was and am so incredibly grateful for it. The next day, I expressed how I loved writing and journaling so my mom here had my dad move the hammock under a tree with more shade so that I could write there. (I know I mentioned these in past entries but stick with me here). I did not ask for that either but they thought of it. Later in the day, when I was learning how to make a hammock, they decided that they wanted to make me my own hammock and that I could help make it and choose my own colors. They ended up giving me that hammock, which would normally cost about $25, for free. So blessed.

When we went to La Crusada, (a crusade where many Christians gathered to worship and hear speakers), they immediately bought me an ice cream and then later bought me and another student some banana chips. My mom even paid for our bathroom trip—all four of us students.

Then finally, this morning, seeing that I had so many bracelets on, my mom told my sister to call her boyfriend to make me a bracelet with my name on it.

Unbelievable. Even though moneywise, I am technically more “well-off” or whatever, they still give wholeheartedly with all of their love. After I say thank you, they say, “con todo mi amor.” I could have easily bought that ice cream, the banana chips, and bathroom fee but I didn’t, they did. It is humbling really. In my society, supposedly the though is if you have more, give more. But here, they have less yet give more. I am constantly being blown away, not just by wind and dust, but also by their hearts. I feel like I see Christ in them more than most Christians back at home. I see Christ in them more than I see Christ in me. I pray that one day I can mirror their selfless hearts and truly give as they have. They have given me so much more than just those things mentioned above, so much more.


Posted on Saturday, March 17th at 06:33PM

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